The Blogspot Era (2009-2012)

Bill Nash (left) and Greg Harley (right) at JSU's game against Georgia Tech in 2009.

Bill Nash (left) and Greg Harley (right) at JSU’s game against Georgia Tech in 2009.

Gamecock Illustrated was founded on March 18, 2009 by two Jacksonville State graduates: Bill Nash from the class of 1986 and Greg Harley from the class of 1989. Compelled by their love for their alma mater, they worked to ensure that others would grow to love JSU athletics as much as them.

In their tenure, Gamecock Illustrated published over 1,300 articles on its original home at Blogspot. The duo enjoyed getting a chance to meet and interview Gamecock athletes. They cherished interviews with TJ Heath and AJ Davis who went on to play in the NFL, Calvin Middleton who was so grateful to be interviewed, Reggie Wade who flew under the radar, Allie Barker whose parents printed, framed and presented her interview to her as a gift and Gabriel Chambers who wears his heart on his sleeves.

Gamecock Illustrated’s biggest moment came came on August 30, 2010. That day, 5 Reasons Jacksonville State Might Upset Ole Miss was published. News of the post traveled to Ole Miss’ fan base and they made their disapproval of it known. One of the commenters dared to challenge Harley to a fight after the game. But, it was JSU who had the last laugh as they defeated the rebels 49-48 2OT. The day after the game, 5 Reasons JSU Beat Ole Miss was published.

Despite its popularity, Gamecock Illustrated shut down on December 8, 2012.

The WordPress Era (2013-present)

Gamecock Illustrated Manager Jordan Smith

Gamecock Illustrated Manager Jordan Smith

Gamecock Illustrated was revived on September 23, 2013 by Jordan Smith with the blessing of Nash and Harley.

Smith played football for JSU from 2009-2011. After his playing days ended, he joined JSU’s Sports Information Department as a student worker and The Chanticleer as a sports writer. He joined The Anniston Star as an intern in August 2013. He left the Chanticleer September 19, 2013 to begin running Gamecock Illustrated. He graduated JSU in 2014 with a degree in Communication.

In his tenure, Smith successfully transferred the blog  from its original home on Blogspot to its current home on WordPress. All of its post and comments are still intact. He shifted its philosophy from an internet fan site to a news site and broadened its focus from football to include all JSU sports. Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to release stories, news and game updates and Smith’s access to JSU’s athletic department, Gamecock Illustrated has connected to and interacted with more JSU fans, students, alumni and student athletes than ever before.

From its humble beginning to its proud present state, Gamecock Illustrated remains committed to bringing fans closer to JSU athletics and remains Unbought and Unbossed: The only 4 time champion of independent coverage of Jacksonville State University athletics on the world wide web.

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