Late Basket Drops Gamecock Women

Sophomore guard Destany McLin

Sophomore guard Destany McLin

JACKSONVILLE– Morehead State’s Almesha Jones may have made the go-ahead shot with only one-tenth of a second remaining in regulation, but Jacksonville State head coach knows she is not the reason for the Gamecocks’ 45-43 loss.

“Fans and people who watch basketball,” Pietri said “They’ll think that this game was won when Almesha Jones made the jumper with point-one to go. But, that’s not when the game was won. The game was won at varying other points throughout the game”

“…I can go back on film and I guarantee I’ll count numerous times when we didn’t follow through on what we were supposed to do–Particularly on the offensive end.”

The Gamecocks (11-17, 7-7 in the Ohio Valley Conference) took a 30-22 lead into the locker room at the half. When they returned to the court, their offensive success from the first half did not follow.

“Nobody could get a shot in.” sophomore guard Destany McLin said, who led JSU with 12 points. “We had some great looks. We just couldn’t make them.”

Their lead quickly disappeared after making just three of their 27 second half field goal attempts. Their third came on a layup by junior guard Candace Morton that tied the game 43-43 with 26 seconds remaining.

The Eagles (11-15, 5-8) called a timeout with 17 seconds remaining. Jones got the ball on the inbound pass and dribbled until the clock reached single digits. She made her move toward the basket with her teammates setting double screens.

Even so, the Gamecocks were able to contest the shot. The ball bounced on the rim before falling through the net with only one-tenth of a second left.

“She just made a good play,” McLin said. “Point, blank, period. That’s all it was.”

Added Pietri: “She was still contested when she shot the ball, it just went in. A really good player made a big-time play, made a contested basket, which is something we did not do in the second half. We didn’t make any open ones hardly and we didn’t make any contested baskets.”

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