What If?

What if Jack Crowe never got fired?

What if Bill Clark turned down Jacksonville State’s offer and stayed at South Alabama?

What if John Grass turned down JSU and stayed at Oxford High School?

What if Coty Blanchard chose one more season of college football instead of professional baseball?

What if Eli Jenkins remained on defense?

What if Griffin Thomas missed the clutch field goals?

What if JSU stopped Murray State’s 2-point conversion in overtime?

What if the injury bug had not bitten Steven Coates, Markis Merrill, Dalton Screws, DaMarcus James, Eli Jenkins, Adam Wright, Gabe Chambers, Telvin Brown and Chris Landrum?

What if JSU had answers for Tennessee State’s defense?

What if the JSU and Auburn game did not get cancelled and JSU won?

What if Auburn won?

Would the FCS Playoffs Selection committee still have voted JSU in over Chattanooga?

What if JSU did not make the playoffs?

What if Samford beat JSU in Round 1?

What if McNeese State beat JSU in Round 2?

What if JSU beat Eastern Washington in the Quarterfinals?

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