Late Lead Change Costs Gamecock Women 6th Straight

Sophomore guard Destany McLin

Sophomore guard Destany McLin

Jacksonville State wanted to end its losing streak at five games.

Instead, Mercer extended it to six games after defeating the Gamecocks 60-54.

As in five those six losses, the Gamecocks had a chance to win the game late but did not get the job done.

“These kids are not afraid to fight,” JSU head coach Rick Pietri said. “We’ve gotten down a bunch early in the first half and we came back. We got it to a reasonable number. And then in the second half, we came out with the right energy and made the plays in transition. We made the plays defensively.”

“In the first four minutes, we were able to make all the plays. In the last four minutes, we weren’t able to make all the plays.”

The Gamecocks (2-9) were in danger of letting Mercer (6-4) run a way with the game in the first half. After trailing by 24-14 with seven minutes remaining in the first half, the Gamecocks went on a 9-4 run to draw within five.

The Gamecocks came out after halftime on fire on both ends of the court. They scored 17 points and did not give up one until Precious Bridges went to the free throw line with 13 minutes remaining.

JSU led 40-28 with 1307 remaining in the game. In three minutes, the Gamecocks saw their lead dwindle down to a single point thanks to the Bears’ full-court trap defense.

The Gamecocks were able to over come the trap and build their lead back up to 7 points and led 54-47 with 3:04 remaining.

The Bears then went on a 13-0 run to end the game.

“There were plays to be made,” Pietri said. “We had the press broken an we fall down. We had two plays next to the goal that we don’t finish that are makeable plays and then don’t get the ball that’s in front of us. We have a free throw. We have a multitude of chances to blow the lid off but ultimately there’s a mentality of permission that you literally have to allow yourself to be successful.”

“We had chances. This team just hasn’t come to the realization yet that it’s OK for them to win. They just havent come to that realization.”

Added Sophomore guard Destany McLin: “I can put it this way: Once we do start winning, and we get the feel for it, I guarantee you we’re going to continue to do it.”

McLin led the Gamecocks with 17 points and was second with seven rebounds. Junior center Miranda Cantrell led with 10 rebounds on the way to her double-double performance with 12 points.

The Gamecocks look to stop the bleeding Thursday at home against South Carolina State.

led the Gamecocks with 17 points.


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