The Florida Game

Behind the Florida State and Ole Miss games, this was probably the best performance ever by the Gamecocks against one of the “big boys.”  A few post-game observations:

*Marquez Ivory played a really great game against what may be the best defense in college football.
*Trey Smith made a lot of really nice catches in one of his best games as a Gamecock.
*Kevyn Cooper made ESPN with an effort play that is symbolic of his whole career.
*Dimetrio Tyson was all over the field.  I hope there is a place for him in pro football.


*One of the best performances in the last 10 years by a JSU defense. Held a powerhouse SEC team to one offensive touchdown.  The Gamecocks must learn to translate that effort to games against OVC opponents.

*Don’t know how many tackles he had, but Sean “Real Papa” Watson was all over the field yesterday.  For JSU to do big things next year,Watson must emerge as an impact player.   Watson was heavily recruited by SEC teams before a high school knee injury.

*Pierre Warren gets very little publicity, but makes a ton of plays.  Looking forward to watching the rest of his career.

*It seems that a defense needs to play with a little bit of an edge. I like how Jordan Jackson and Ben Endress don’t back down from anyone regardless of circumstances.  This is second hand, but Jackson’s unsportsman like was apparently in retaliation for a cheap shot on Endress.

*Nick Johnson made a tackle on the four yard line saving a touchdown.  Didn’t seem that big of a deal at the time, two penalties later the Gamecocks blocked a field goal.

*Rob Gray barely missed an interception. Wish he could have gotten it, he grew up a Florida fan.

*The obvious need area on defense is interior defensive line.  The coaching staff needs to find some help for Adam Wright and Caleb Lawrence. One coach told me that they are working on it starting today.

*JSU put some good stuff together in the first half.  
*Field position really hurt JSU. It seemed like the Gamecocks were starting every drive around the 8 yard line.
*Buster Pope’s season was an enigma.  After a remarkable start to the season, he rarely played. Every time I thought he was done for the season, he would come in for a snap or two.   The future is really bright at running back for JSU.

*The Florida announcers made an interesting comment about Trey Burton running the wildcat. They said it was hard for him to be effective when the other team knew he was not going to throw.  To a lesser extent, that holds true for Coty Blanchard.  Our plays when he is in the game are fairly predictable. The guy can do anything as he proved last year. That being said, it seemed that Ivory was particularly sharp yesterday which may have led to the coaches’ decision to play him more.  The million dollar question- is Coty coming back next year?

 *Ealey announced on twitter yesterday that he was done at JSU, but expressed love for his teammates.  Hopefully, he doesn’t give up on a degree, making the NFL and a college degree aren’t mutually exclusive.

*Hamish M. had a really good day punting the football.

I love the Gamecocks.  The theme starting today needs to be THIS IS NEXT YEAR.

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