Jacksonville State Prepares for Arkansas (Gadsden Times)

click here.http://www.gadsdentimes.com/article/20120827/WIRE/120829843?p=2&tc=pg



  • Coach Crowe: "Both Florida and Arkansas in the last two years have come close to winning a national championship in baseball. If they had, both of them would have been the second school to win a championship in all three sports (football, men's basketball and baseball)."Wrong. Ohio State has won all three.


  • This is referring to an NCAA championship. Ohio State won the BCS championship, not the NCAA championship.


  • Actually, since he is talking about Arkansas, the only "national championship" they won in football was in 1964 when they were voted as champion by the Football Writers Association (AP & UPI voted Alabama). Since we are including these polled NC's, then JSU was not the first to win all three. Michigan completed the triple in 1989 when they won the NCAA Man's Basketball Championship (multiple football and baseball championships were prior to that). There may be others, but Michigan is one I'm aware of.


  • Okay, then what football championships was he talking about for Florida and Arkansas? He said they each only need baseball to "win a championship in all three sports".


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