Welcome to the Gamecock Nation Lucas Melo

Its unconfirmed, but it looks like the Gamecocks just picked up a big addition (and we mean big) to its defensive line for the 2012 season.  Lucas Melo, a Two Star All Conference Defensive Tackle, is joining JSU via LA Piere College in Woodland Hill, California.  Melo is 6-2, 290 pounds,  runs a 4.9 forty, squats small cars and can bench the typical family of four one might see chowing down at the Golden Corral buffet.  Melo had a ton of offers, including BYU, New Mexico and Maine.   Hilight tape coming.



  • Great post! Thanks for letting us know.


  • Its not "official" but indications are he will be reporting at the end of July. Lets hope everything clears w/ his transcript, etc. This guy is a big time missing piece. Granted, its a hilight tape, but you just get excited watching the guy play. He could really energize our fan base.


  • If Melo makes it official at JSU, I feel like we may be going deep into the playoffs, if not the championship game. We lost our much of our D-line from last year. He would fill a hole for us.


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