Just The Facts – Could JSU Compete Attendance Wise in the Sunbelt?

There are dozens of issues related to whether JSU should move to the Sunbelt conference if the opportunity presents itself. A common refrain from the naysayers is that JSU doesn’t have sufficient football fan support to make the move. Here are the facts:

JSU’s Average Home attendance during 2010: 17,330 (#7 in FCS);
JSU’s Average Home attendance during 2011: 17,226 (#12 in FCS);

Average Sunbelt Attendance during 2010: 17,969

Here are some selected team numbers:

Troy: 18,947;
Ark State: 17,394
Fla. Atl.: 14,025;
Western Kentucky: 14,577.

These are the facts. As far as opinion, it seems like JSU’s numbers would increase if we played teams that actually sent some opposing fans unlike most of our OVC brethren. For instance, if JSU and Troy State played, Troy State might send a couple of thousand fans to the game.


  • As most universities are, Troy State is very generous to themselves in attendance count at football games.


  • It is a common mistake among FCS fans to think their attendance can only go up in FBS. It's been like a decade since the last losing season at Jax State, you would certainly see an initial bump in attendance, but as the losses pile up, your attendance will suffer.And I'm not a Troy fan, but as a fan of another Sun Belt school, I've been to Troy several times, their attendance is legit, contrary to previous comment.


  • Well, Troy State's attendance will surely suffer…they really piled up the losses last season. What a mess.


  • Troy fans think we are a horrible possibility for the Sun Belt, and they claim "no rivalry"…we're caught in the past, they say…. hahahaha


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