Washaun Ealey Gets 1,000

One of the questions heading into the week was whether Washaun Ealey would play as he injured a hamstring and missed the SEMO game. He had 999 yards going into the game so at least one carry seemed likely. Ealey played and played well, scoring a touchdown on his first run from scrimmage. That gave Ealey over 1,000 yards for the year.

Lets hope Ealey returns for his senior year (no reason to believe he won’t). Ealey appeared to get better every game this year and seemed to be more supportive of his teammates as the year progressed. If he does return, it should be a big year for Ealey as JSU’s offensive line should be really good next year.

The only player the Gamecocks lose off of the line will be Michael Ellis. With Odie Rush returning, the Gamecocks could have as many as three senior offensive line starters next year with Rush, Tori Mobley and Matt Jones. In addition to these veterans, a slew of underclassmen who played a lot this year will return including starting center, Max Holcombe, starting tackle, Tarik Milner, Preston Hatcher and Blake Burks.


One comment

  • Congratulations to Washaun. I've been a fan of Ealey since I saw his HS video. And, I'm a UGA Bulldawg fan who was really bummed out when Washaun left. We all know that UGA's coach Richt has his ways, and not everyone shares Richt's vision. Anyway, it's good to see Washaun succeed and I wish him the best always..


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