• Pretty much have to hope for a miracle at this point (Tech and EKU losing with a JSU win). Even if we finish second, hard to imagine the committee giving an at large bid to us if we are not even in the top 25 of either poll.


  • Well lets be hoping for a miricle then. If we win and those 2 teams lose perhaps final ranking will put us high enough to warrant bid


  • If we win and Tech & EKU both lose, JSU gets the automatic bid. If JSU wins and either Tech or EKU lose but not both, JSU will not get the autobid but would have a decent shot at an at large bid.


  • I think there is some confusion about the automatic playoff bid versus conference champion. If we win, and either TTech or EKU win (or they both win), we won't be in second, we will be TIED for FIRST. The tiebreaker formula determines the playoff bid, not first place vs second place, etc.


  • Really what is at issue is whether the committee will give another team in the OVC a playoff bid. Whatever "place" they are in doesn't really matter from a playoff standpoint. We all know what has to happen for us to get the automatic bid. More interesting is whether or not we get lucky in the more realistic scenario (JSU win, UTM win over EKU, and TTU getting the automatic bid). Will enough bad things happen to the other "bubble" teams (Wofford, Indiana State, Portland State, etc.) to get JSU some consideration? None of the playoff predictions I have seen online have said a second team in the OVC has a shot. Let's hope the planets line up!


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