One of the best links ever on “playoffs.”

Here is what we understand the scenario to be for the Gamecocks.

GAMECOCKS WIN AND EKU AND T. TECH BOTH LOSE: JSU is undisputed conference champion and goes to the playoffs. EKU could easily lose to Martin, but it is hard to imagine Tech losing to Peay.

GAMECOCKS WIN AND EITHER TECH OR EKU LOSE: If this happens and the OVC gets two teams in to the playoffs, the Gamecocks would get a bid. Last year two OVC teams got bids.

GAMECOCKS, EKU AND TECH ALL WIN: If this occurs, our guess is that JSU would be on the outside looking in. Not sure what the selection committee looks at, but EKU and Tennessee Tech both have head to head advantage over the Gamecocks.


One comment

  • Here is what the committee looks at: a. The committee shall select the best teams available on a national at-large basis to complete the bracket. Per NCAA Bylaw 31, the basic criteria used in the selection of at-large participants are (1) won-lost record, (2) strength-of-schedule, and (3) eligibility and availability of student-athletes for the NCAA championship; b. There is no limit to the number of teams the committee may select from one conference; c. The won-lost record of a team will be scrutinized to determine a team’s strength of schedule; however, less than seven Division I wins may place a team in jeopardy of not being selected; and d. The committee may give more consideration to those teams that have played all Division I opponents.


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