Have Some Fun Gamecocks!!

Week in and week out, the Gamecocks keep things fairly level from an emotional standpoint. That may work for a long season, but with a championship on the line this weekend its time to let it all hang out. The coaches know what works best, but from a fan perspective, we’d love to see the following:

1) The players run, not trot, out on the field, huddle up as a team and get fired up right before the game. We’ve all seen FBS teams do this dozens of times. Send EKU a message – you might beat the Gamecocks, but we are not coming out flat. We guarantee it would get the fans into the game early as well.

2) Congratulate your teammates after big plays. The Gamecocks are a cohesive team, but we’d love to see more emotion out on the field. If Calvin Middleton makes a big run, Washuan Ealey needs to be the first one over congratulating him. If Jack Jackson makes a big tackle, Big Texas Garrott should be getting him up off the ground. Simply put, lets celebrate success.

3) Do something crazy. Have the Gamecocks run a trick play this year? How about a halfback pass from Ealey, a flea flicker or let Blanchard fake a punt?

4) Get the crowd involved! A great moment from earlier this year was when Big Texas, Spiderman Smith and Dimetrio Tyson all encouraged the crowd to make some noise in the closing moments of the EIU game. The crowd responded. Lets see some more of this on Saturday.


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