6 Reasons Jacksonville State Might Beat Kentucky

Last year we called the upset with: “5 Reasons Why Jacksonville State Might Upset Ole Miss.” The post was linked to several Ole Miss websites and generated a ton of hits and even more hate mail. Its now time to do it again. Here are 6 Reasons why Jacksonville State might beat Kentucky:

1) Washaun Ealey has scored more touchdowns in Commonwealth Stadium than any current member of the Wildcats. No, we didn’t actually do any research to verify this, but Ealey had five touchdowns against the Wildcats last year. Has Kentucky scored 5 Touchdowns this season?.

2) Spiderman beats Joker every day of the week. One of the Gamecocks’ top linebackers is Rashad “Spiderman” Smith. Kentucky’s coach is “Joker” Phillips. Everyone knows that Spiderman would whup the Joker’s a**.

3) The revenge factor favors the Gamecocks. Kentucky ran up the score in a 91-48 basketball victory over the Gamecocks a few years back. 91-48 is all over the Gamecocks’ locker room. Elephants and fighting roosters have long memories.

4) Jacksonville State has more motivation to win.. While this game is very important to Kentucky as they are attempting to maintain their FBS football status, it is even more important to the Gamecocks. Rumors are circulating that if Jacksonville State beats Kentucky, SEC Commissioner Slive will invite JSU to fill that league’s open 14th spot. It makes sense. If JSU wins, it will mark two in a row over the vaunted SEC, not to mention the Gamecocks knocking UT-Knoxville out of the NCAA softball tournament a couple of years ago. Commissioner Slive was quoted as saying: “If you can’t beat them, have them join you.”

5) Kentucky could not practice on Tuesday.. In a news item that has remarkably gone unreported by the mainstream media, Kentucky was forced to cancel football practice earlier this week. Unfortunately, Coach Calipari needed the football practice field for three legged races and such as he hosted a “family fun day” for members of the Wildcat basketball auxillary staff.

6) Joker Phillips has had two weeks to prepare.


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