Answers to the 12 Pre-Game Questions

In no particular order, here are 12 questions we will answer tomorrow.

1) Are the Gamecocks as good as we think they are?

Based on the performance last night, they are not. The defense in general was anything but dominant. Numerous blown coverages, apparently by the safetys. No sacks by All American Monte Lewis. Big Texas was very active, particularly in the first half. Also, kudos to the defense for holding UTM after one of the Gamecocks wasn’t paying attention and got hit with a punt at the 3.

2) Is Washaun Ealey going to dominate the OVC?

No, particulary not if our offensive line does not come together. Ealey ran hard and appeared to get better as the game progressed. Beautiful pass and catch on the TD from Blanchard. Also, Ealey has got to stop getting into it with the other team after about 1/2 of the plays. It will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at least once this year.

3) Is DeMarcus a/k/a Coot, a/k/a Heavy D James as good as the hype?

He would have to carry the ball to make this determination, but he appeared to make some good blocks as the lead back on several plays.

4) Will Rashod Byers break a long one?

He would have to carry the ball to make this determination, but I think he had one good run when I went to the bathroom.

5) Will the lighter Marques Ivory be more of a playmaker?

Devastating injury to a great guy and great player. I hope Ivory can take a redshirt and be back next year.

6) Can Coty match his game one heroics from last year?

Awesome game by Blanchard, although he got careless with the ball once or twice. He was playing with a bum ankle and still dominated the game late.

7) Is the revamped offensive line going to perform?

It looked ugly at first, but Coty said the line was starting to dominate as the game progressed.

8) Is Alan Bonner ready to be a full time starter at wide receiver?

Bonner has great potential, but he did not appear to impact the game last night.

9) Will Trey Smith follow up his dominant performance in the Spring Game with a good performance in a real game?

T. Smith had a couple of catches and one drop. He can really be a weapon as the year progresses.

10) Is Head Hunter Jack Jackson going to show out at linebacker?

Jackson was declared ineligible the day of the game. How the heck did this happen? Coach Crowe commented that his replacement, Endress, was battling turf toe. One player does not mean everything, but having Jackson’s speed out there would have been a great cure for some of the things UTM was doing.

11) Our defensive line is getting a massive amount of hype. Will their play match the hype?

Bottom line, they did not live up to the pre-season hype. There is still a lot of football left to play.

12) Most intriguing player- Jerry Slota. Will he make an impact?

Never saw Slota on offense, so he did not make an impact on this game.


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