Fan Day Scrimmage

Some random observations on the Fan Day scrimmage:

Ivory – Looks to be ready for his best season. Great news for Gamecock fans.

Ealey – Hard runner. Tough to bring down. He will wear down a defense.

Coot James – Had an amazing run. He has not played in an official game yet, but has a lot of people talking already.

Country Chambers – Has an extra gear. He is fast!

Alan Bonner – poised for an All-OVC year.

The Beast – Slota at fullback made some good blocks and should get plenty of playing time this season.

Texas Garrott – maybe a little slimmer than last season, maybe a little faster than last season.

Wadley – shed blockers all night to be in on tackles

Jack Jackson – newcomer from Ole Miss all over the field on D. Were there 3 of him?

Some things can be hard to evaluate without watching film. The D got great pressure at times on the QB. Does that mean the D is just that good, or is it that the O-line missed some assignments? There were a few freshmen on the field and we’re looking forward to seeing if they are just getting a look, or will contribute in the season.

Overall, it looks like several players looked good in the scrimmage. The team is ready to hit players on another team. In 11 days, they’ll get that chance.

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