We Need Another Snapsquad 54!

We’ve linked the videos many times, but if you want to see some great work go to youtube and look at hilight videos from JSU’s 2008 and 2009 seasons. The videos were the work of a guy called Snapsquad 54 who was a GA at JSU at the time. Snapsquad 54 is now at South Alabama.

No videos from last year including the epic win over Ole Miss. Maybe it wasn’t in the budget, but it kills me to see a competitor (South Alabama) doing something better than my alma mater. OUR PHILOSOPHY SHOULD BE THAT WE WILL OVERCOME FINANCIAL LIMITATIONS WITH PASSION FOR OUR SCHOOL.

There has to be somebody out there that could help on this and could put some hilight packages together this year and maybe even do a package for the Ole Miss game last year. Ole Miss won’t release the tapes, but JSU has its own tapes! If you have the skills, contact the athletic department and volunteer. Our new AD is all about getting things done by any way possible.


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