Curt Porter Update

Many have wondered what is going on with Curt Porter, the Gamecocks’ 2010 starting left tackle (and sometimes guard). Porter earned All-American honors and many thought he would be taken in the mid to late rounds of the 2011 NFL draft. Unfortunately, a foot injury following the season probably led to him not being selected in the draft.

The good news is that Porter is back in Fayette running, working out and still has definite plans of making an NFL team. Indeed, the silver lining of the lockout is that it has allowed Porter’s injury to heal. In addition to training, he has been working construction, cutting grass, etc. to make ends meet while he waits on an NFL opportunity. (If anyone needs a 6-7, 300 pound employee that knows what its like working in a hostile environment- call Curt).

If Porter doesn’t go to the Falcons, it would be great to see him and Ryan Perrilloux reunited with the New York Giants.

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