More from Warren Koegel’s Reception

Just a few random notes from the reception last night (paraphrased)

– Mr. Koegel introduced his wife, Elaine, and noted that she is the reason he is able to do what he does. In meeting Elaine, you will find that she is very nice, understanding, and supportive of her husband. It was great to meet her and she will be very supportive of the Gamecocks.

– Mr. Koegel noted that JSU is a special place, where we can do special things. We know nothing extraordinary will happen without hard work, and Mr. Koegel is excited to get to work.

– Mr. Koegel said he knows that we are here because of our students. They are what keeps us here, and they will be part of his decision process. When making decisions, one question he will ask is “Will this enhance the experience for our students? Is this something that would benefit them? Is this something that they want?” If the answer is no, we would re-evaluate.

– Mr. Koegel impressed us last night and we feel his hiring is a step in the right direction.

Welcome to JSU, Warren and Elaine Koegel!


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