Looking for Quarterbacks

We need to get another quarterback at JSU soon. Looking to the 2011 season, the quarterback position looks to be in good hands. Marquez Ivory returns for his senior season. Coty Blanchard will be back on the football field this fall after a very successful spring on the baseball diamond. Thomas Darrah has shown some glimpses of what he can do, and we know Stephen Coates is athletic and look forward to seeing what he can do on the field.

But look just past this season, to next spring. With Ivory and Darrah both gone, and Blanchard back at 3B for the baseball team, that leaves Coates as the only QB on the team for the J-Day game.

We know the coaching staff is on the recruiting trail of quarterbacks that may graduate early (December) and enroll at JSU for the Spring Semester. We know of a few candidates that have very good grades in the classroom and have shown they have what it takes on the field. It’s a great opportunity for a young quarterback to play his senior year this fall and go immediately onto the depth chart here and get significant playing time in the J-Day game. We haven’t been in position to say that to a quarterback recruit in quite a while.

Some offers have already been made. There are other players out there that may fit this profile, and the coaching staff will continue until the right answer is found.


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