Lady Gamecocks Basketball Showing Great Progress and Effort

The 79-63 loss to Tennessee Tech doesn’t really reflect how well the Lady Gamecocks played last night. We saw the Gamecocks playing hard, getting good shots, and fighting for a win. Coach Annette Watts has our ladies playing hard, and it shows.

Coming up on the short end last night came down to missing shots, not lack of effort. Many shots from the paint bounced off the rim or went in and out. Danielle Beneby, Danielle Vaughn, and Brittany Manning shot at 50% or better, but as a team, we shot at 40% for the night.

That’s really all the bad news though…just getting the shots to drop. This team needs to keep doing what they are doing. They are getting the right shots, they are playing tough defense, and fignting for rebounds. Consistent shooting will bring wins. This team has the heart and the effort to bring our program to prominence.

Keep fighting, ladies. We’re proud of the effort. We’re looking forward to seeing you play more this season, and know that the wins will come.

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