10 Things To Know About Wofford

1) Wofford tied for the Southern Conference championship despite losing head to head against Appalachian State.

2) Wofford returned 20 starters from its 2009 team. The 2009 team was plagued by injuries and went 3-8.

3) Wofford running back Eric Breitenstien is all So-Con and has 1,359 rushing yards on the season. If the Gamecocks can stop him, they should win the game.

4) Wofford QB Mitch Allen has only completed 29 passes this year.

5) Wofford DE Ameet Pall was the So Con Defensive player of the year. As we have previously written, it is going to be great to watch him go up against Curt Porter.

6) Wofford has the top ranked rushing offense in the nation.

7) Wofford is ranked 8th in the nation in total defense.

8) Wofford has never had an upset win like Ole Miss, but nearly upset South Carolina in 2006 falling 27-20. In 2008, Wofford only lost to USC 23-12.

9) One area the Gamecocks may have an advantage is special teams. JSU is ranked 40th in the nation in punt returns, compared to 115 for Wofford. JSU is ranked 16 in the nation in kick returns, compared to 34 for Wofford. JSU is ranked 24th in the nation in punting, compared to 62 for Wofford.

10) Wofford played much better at home than on the road. Noise helps JSU. It will be a great help to the team to make sure we have a rowdy, loud, JSU atmosphere at this game. When JSU is on defense, be as loud as you can be.


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