Jacksonville State vs. Wofford

Last night was a tough pill to swallow. However, after being left out of the playoffs for the past two years with teams that deserved to go, the Gamecocks received a nice draw. They will host a 9-2 Wofford team. The Gamecocks aren’t going to get that OVC ring, but are still in the hunt for an even better ring.


  • I remember the jax state Wofford games from e early 90s and I think we still owe you guys a little something. Go WOFFORD!


  • My heart goes out to those kids, they had that game won, and it slipped away quickly. As I stated when we were 6-0, there's this mentality of proving your strength by running the football, but what has been overlooked is the fact that, our defense has been unable to stop anyone all year. Again we played a game with a comfortable lead and started playing conservative. You've got to go into this playoff with a "Killer instinct". Score much and often until the final whistle blows. Throw on first down sometimes, don't be so predictable. Run sweeps, draws, screens etc. Open up the play book. Running on 1st and 2nd down every time and then relying on the pass only on 3rd downs is well, predictable. You've been running a zone defense all year, and that's fine, but when circumstances change and the momentum has shifted, adjust to "something", don't continue to show them the same thing. We have to outscore the other teams we play, to the point that we don't rely on a defense that frankly has not been dominant all year.


  • I am from Spartanburg, born and raised. I have lived in Jacksonville for a number of years now. My high school shared a football field with Wofford. It's going to be an interesting match up with my hometown versus my alma mater! GO COCKS!!!


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