Quick Notes from the Radio Show on Monday


-Coach Max Thurmond was there and talked about the defense
-We are healthy except for Kevin Dix. We are hoping he will be back for the Tn Tech game
-The team loves the interaction the band brings to the stadium. They bring a lot of energy, and so do the fans. Great job by the students this year.
-SGA President Tim Long announced that the spirit contest will be extended to the first home game of the playoffs (should there be a home playoff game – we’re counting on the football team for that)
-Also from Coach Thurmond – We’ve got to be ready to stop the run. We need our d-line and linebackers to be ready to hit and tackle.
-Semo’s smallest starting offensive lineman is 305. They try to push you out of the way.


-Coach Green and Coach Watts spoke about their basketball teams
-Coach Green talked about the exhibition game. He saw good things coming from his younger players. They started out slow, but got better as the game went along.
-Coach Watts talked about their exhibition game as well. They are a work in progress, but are getting better every day. This team will compete.
-Coach Watts also talked about developing her players as leaders on and off the court. Whenever she speaks, she takes what players are available with her. They get a chance to hear her speak of the team, brag on them, and gives them a chance to meet people in the community. We’ve already heard the impression this team has made on campus. Yesterday, in the cafeteria, I heard someone talking about Coach Watts addressing the crowd after the game on Sunday, then having the players go up into the stands and introduce themselves. This was a great move that was well-received.


-Ken Bodiford talked about the Southerers at the football games, HardCorps (Pep Band) at the basketball games, and the Southerners upcoming trip to London.
-The Southerners are preparing themselves to play this weekend like never before. Not only is it the Southerners Reunion, but the band said they will play as much as they can during the game this weekend. They are as committed to win the conference as the football team is.
-The HardCorps will bring the energy level up at the basketball games this year. The basketball coaches are even looking forward to it.
-The Southerners will be leading the Queen’s New Years Parade in January 2012. It’s an honor to be in the parade, but an incredible honor to lead the parade. You should be proud of your Southerners!


-Did you know you could sign up for the bus trip to the Tn Tech game? $60 include the ride and the ticket. Call the Athletic Office for more details.
-Do you know anyone not planning to be at the game this Saturday? Call and invite them. Be loud. Wear red. Go Gamecocks!

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