Marques Ivory Post Game Comments

Here are comments from Junior QB, Marques Ivory following the win over Tennessee State:

Assessing his performance:

“I didn’t play that good today, but I felt pretty comfortable. I did throw an interception- a little miscommunication. I didn’t practice this week, but really one day so I was just off on that. I think this week I will be better.”

How does the rotation impact you:

“It doesn’t really bother me. I know [the coaches] have a plan and we work on the plan in practice. That’s really not a problem at all. Coty has some things that he does really, really good.”

Your movement seems better- do you feel that way:

“Yes, I do a little bit. I have been doing a little extra running trying to lose some weight.”

How nice is it to have so many talented receivers to utilize:

“Its real nice. They can’t focus on just shutting down one guy, they have to play all of them. I can go anywhere on the field at any time.”

How special was it for the two Warner Robbins players (WR Kevyn Cooper caught the long pass in OT) to have such a big impact on the Ole Miss game:

“It was real special. A lot of people back home have been calling us and writing us about it. I’m glad [Kevyn] got to do something great, he is my cousin.”

What’s it like being 7-0:

“I expected it. I’m not really surprised by it. We talked about it before coming into the season that we thought we had a really good team and if we just stayed out of trouble, [avoided grade issues] and did what the coaches told us to do [we would have success].”

Any danger of this team losing focus or getting cocky being 7-0:

“No. We are not going to let it happen. The leaders on this team are not going to let that happen. Especially the seniors, . . . they know the importance of not letting that happen.”

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