Post Martin Thoughts

*In the history of football, has there ever been a team that is 6-0 that keeps getting outgained by their opponents? Who cares, the Cocks are 6-0.

*Likewise, has there ever been a 6-0 team that doesn’t have a single offensive lineman playing the same position that they played in the Spring? This is really the story to the season. Matt Jones and Tylor Chambers suffer season ending injuries in the pre-season. Ever since then, there has been an amazing amount of shuffling. Curt Porter has seemingly played every position on the line. Today, the Gamecocks were missing criminal justice major, Tyler Ogletree. Amazingly, tight end Cory Freeman filled in for the whole game at guard.

*Coach Crowe said that Calvin Middleton may only be 80%. Look out if he ever gets to 100%. Middleton almost reached the 100 yard mark for the 2nd year against Martin and averaged over 6 yards per carry.

*Marques Ivory was having a fantastic game before going down with an injury. Crowe indicated he should be back next week. Ivory seems to get better every week.

*Tig did not get any carries today.

*While the defense gave up some yards, it was an impressive effort. Antonio Bonner, the Senior from McEachern high school in Georgia, continues to rack up the tackles. Hopefully, AJ Davis is ok after being on the receiving end of a UTM cheap shot. Keginald “Tru” Harris got his 4th pick.

*For one of the first times this year, it seemed like the defensive line had all of its horses. Its just one person’s opinion, but it seems like #99 Tim McGee just disrupts opposing offenses when he is in the game. JUCO transfer Marquis George and Jameson Wadley were constantly pressuring UTM’s quarterback. By the way, Murray scored 72 today so it kind of makes last week’s effort look even better.

*The special teams were really special today. The hidden yardage included Coty punting for over a 40 yard average with almost no returns and putting UTM deep in their own territory twice. Likewise, JSU had several deep kickoffs with no effective returns by UTM. Conversely, James Shaw and Alan Bonner had several great kick and punt returns respectively.

*Its another big game Saturday in Jacksonville. Tennessee State comes to town. They finished 3-1 in their “classic” games and narrowly missed upsetting OVC leading SEMO. Lets sell it out on Saturday!


  • I thought we looked great in all areas (offense, defense, and special teams) for the 1st half and part of the 3rd quarter. There seems to be a problem with maintaining the intensity and putting opponents away. I don't know if it's coaching, laziness, or switching to the prevent defense that does it, but it needs to be corrected. I don't think we got many 1st downs in the second half and UTM was killing us on the short passes. We also need to tackle better. We are hitting people, but not wrapping up.


  • 1st it is great to be 6-0, but enough with this "We need to run better" mentality. We're 6-0 and we're still trying to sit on leads and run the clock out in the 3rd quarter of games, instead of developing that "Killer" instinct and going for the throat when we have the chance. It's called a "balanced attack". We have become so predictable. Any team watching our film knows when we're going to run and when we're going to pass. And also who's going to be handling the ball. It's is so obvious. And if that's not enough, to think about, Defensively, we hadn't stopped anyone from driving the ball down our throats this year. Check the number of punts we've had this year. Our problem is not that we can't run, but we can't stopped anyone, not even the 1st year Georgia State team, who drove at will against us. We've been in 2 OT games, and have had poor clock management in at least 3 of those. Our average margin of victory is less than 10 points. We might win the OVC, but then we'll be one and done if nothing changes!


  • You know, I have no Idea what's going on, but something is! We've had an opportunity in recruitment after the OLD MISS game, with the game being televised in JSU's recruiting area then gave the recruiting advantage to Georgia State, with the performance we had in yet another televised game in the JSU recruiting area. We had a packed, brand new stadium, and enough politics, or going on with recruiting prospects and Alumni sitting in the stands. We've played this entire season, seemingly trying to prove a point! What's the point! If you've got athletes that can play, and make plays, let them play!


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