Quotes From Around Campus This Week

“I’ll have my nitroglycerin pills at the game this weekend just in case my heart needs them.”

“I think we’ll beat Murray State, just hope it doesn’t have to come down to the last play.”

“I’ll be there wearing red.”

“Jamal Young looked great last Saturday.”

“BigTexas Garrott may be more focused this season than anyone.”

“I hope Calvin Middleton is back this week. That’ll really help our running game.”

“We’ve got to hit their quarterback some. I think that’s how to slow the Racers down.”

“Jax State by 14.”

“Murray will throw short passes. Our linebackers better be ready.”

“I’ll be loud at the game. Hope no one minds.”

We’ve got to make more noise on 3rd down.”

“Fall softball starts Friday. Coach McGinnis will put together another good team.”

“Who’s on first?”

One comment

  • The main thing is to keep winning, but a good blow out is due and would probably put us at number one… Either way, I predict a number one finish this year and definitely next year!!!! Just keep playing one game at a time and never underestimate your opponent…. We saw where that got ole miss ;)


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