5 Reasons JSU Beat Ole Miss

Last week it was 5 reasons JSU Might upset Ole Miss. Now that the game is over, I think we should look at 5 reasons JSU beat Ole Miss.

1. JSU is the better team. – No explanation needed, we settled it on the field.

2. Preparation – While Ole Miss spent the week worrying about whether Masoli would play and what is written on the internet, JSU spent the week preparing to play Ole Miss.

3. Determination – The example here is Alan Bonner’s touchdown – With less than a minute left, Alan Bonner looked like he would be stopped at the 2-yard line after making a reception on a great pass from Marques Ivory. Bonner made a spin move and fell just across the goal line for a touchdown.

4. Presence – Coty Blanchard in two situations – 4th and 15 touchdown pass to Kevyn Cooper, and the 2-point conversion toss to Calvin Middleton. Both plays showed great game presence and talent for the true freshman.

5. Character – This team does not quit. Down at halftime, they came out a different team in the second half.

Let’s all enjoy it tonight! Great job Gamecocks!

Who’s coming to the first home game? These guys deserve all of our support!

Gotta go welcome back the team bus…


  • I was at the Ole Miss game. I saw Ole Miss come out with swagger and try to intimidate JSU. But, JSU wasn't having it. JSU had more heart than Ole Miss. The JSU players were better conditioned than the Ole Miss players. I saw the Ole Miss players winded and with hands on hips in the second half. Other than a few minor things, the JSU execution was excellent. The reception that the JSU players got coming out of the locker room after the game was incredible. I think this is gonna be a great season for JSU.


  • It was just the PERFECT day for football. The weather was great; the Ole Miss campus was beautiful and SO hospitable; The Grove was everything good I ever heard and then some. We were ready for some good football, but in our wildest dreams we never thought about seeing the game that we saw. JSU Football was awesome and we can't wait til next Saturday! We hope everyone leaves our campus with the great feeling we had yesterday. And last, but certainly not least, how 'bout those Southerners! Are we lucky to have them, or what?? Go Gamecocks!


  • number nine gone be some serious. I was in the stands like who is this guy. Good job man. I will like to meet you one day


  • Jacksonville State CAN spell "Mississippi"


  • That game was by far the best football game i've watched in person. that second half had you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I was impressed with the play from the true freshman and ivory. and that wide receiver 16 boy he is the real deal he is definitely hungry. I cannot wait to see this game this week


  • Way to go Gamecocks!! (from a Carolina Gamecock.) Buzz


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