What a difference a year makes…

I’m getting ready for another football season at JSU. I’m looking forward to this season because there are a lot of positive changes since last year.

1. In my mind, the biggest improvement is that there is a good chance we could be watching playoff football in Paul Snow Stadium this season. The APR has improved. In fact, JSU had the biggest improvement in the OVC. No more playoff ban. Now let’s win the OVC Championship and get tested in the FCS playoffs.

2. Another improvement is Paul Snow Stadium. The addition of more seats, the Club Level, and the Suites make this a first-class facility. No matter what type of game day experience you are looking for, you can find it this season at the stadium. JSU has a Family Pack ticket package. That package allows a family of four to get season tickets for only $150. There are a number of corporate season and single game tickets packages with tickets prices ranging from $2 to $5 each. This is perfect for a company or church outing.

3. The Club Level is a great addition to the stadium. The Club Level is like a length-of-the-field sports bar. Inside, you can enjoy the climate controlled atmosphere. You can also venture outside to the seating area, and enjoy the wide seating in the elements (hopefully, it will be a little cooler than it is now outside). This is more than just a ticket to watch a football game though. Club level seats include a pregame meal, open approximately 2 hours before each home game. Snacks and soft drinks are also available during the game, and this is included in the ticket price. I think this will be a great place to socialize. A locker is included for those that get 4 tickets in one person’s name. You will be able to stock your locker with whatever you choose on the day before the game.

4. Suites are available at Paul Snow Stadium now. Each 20-seat suite will have catering available. You can enjoy the game in a controlled environment. Tours are planned for those interested, but you must contact the athletic office to reserve a spot. Words and brochures can’t do this facility justice. I’ve had many people tell me just how impressed they were after taking the tour.

5. The game day experience will improve in many areas. There are more student activities being planned. New tailgating areas have been developed, including a place designated for students. The atmosphere should be lively.

6. Everything listed so far only goes so far without a team on the field. The Gamecock football team this year will be very good and exciting to watch. We’ll take a deeper look at the 2010 football team in the coming days and weeks. This team is something to be excited about.

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