Monday Night Lights

There were bright lights and some activity at Paul Snow Stadium on Monday night. Filming for a tv ad began on Monday evening, for a promotional piece for the upcoming football season. Football players, Marching Southerners, and more were in attendance for the shoot. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product, which will be on TV soon. Watch for it…I believe you’ll like it.


  • I hope it doesn't end up looking like those "My JSU" commercials. Those were so poorly done, they probably drove more students away then they attracted. I'm hoping we contracted those commercials out to a professional firm. There is a lot on the line…


  • I guess it's in the eye of the beholder. They won many "ADDY" awards for those ads. ADDY's are awards given by the Birmingham Advertising Federation. You can see more details at


  • I'm NOT talking about the ads by Big Communications, those actually look professional. I'm referring to the commercials before those that consisted of student, after student, after student, after student saying "My Choice, My Future, My JSU" which I suspect where done "in house" (read: Self Hall basement) When you can't do something well yourself, its always better to hire someone who can. I hope we have finally learned that lesson. There is a lot on the line…


  • Word is that Big Communications is a part of this ad. We hear that the ads will be on TV in mid-June. Some of our football players and Marching Southerners are in it.


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