Keys to the SEMO game

1 – Avoid blocked punts. This really needs no explanation. SEMO has blocked 2 punts and a field goal this year. We have allowed 2 blocked punts. Tatum is a good punter. Last week, we saw Perrilloux and Ivory punt and put the opposing team deep in a hole.

2 – Put pressure on their quarterback. He has thrown quite a few interceptions this year. If Mays, Dix, Davis and Thomas can put some pressure on him early, we may get a couple of turnovers.

3 – Get the running game going. SEMO has been soft on defending the run this season. This would be a great game to get a 100 yard rusher. We have some good running backs. Jamal Young has been the starter of late, and you can’t really argue that. Middleton provides power, and has had some good runs this year. I’d still like to see more of Drec Lindley as he comes back from the broken hand. And Jahron Brown should be the power back of the future. Brandon George is another talented running back that could see more playing time.

4 – This is a game that we should win, given SEMO’s record this season. They don’t have a win against an FCS team. JSU cannot go into this game unprepared. We know this team has worked hard all season. Let’s play hard this game and execute.

5 – Clog up the middle. Defend the run well. Make them throw the ball on 3rd down. They have been predominantly a running team. Our defense should be able to stop the run as they did against Peay. Look for Henderson to have a lot of tackles this weekend.

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