A few observations

Couldn’t go to the game, but watched it on the computer. It was very frustrating how they would try to change camera angles 3 or 4 times during each play. That made it very hard to follow.

One more road game, then two home games!

The defense was again very strong. Held APSU to less than 3 yards per carry on the ground. Peay quarterback Ryan completed 3 passes to his own team, and had 2 interceptions. TJ Heath added to his season total and now has 6 picks. AJ Davis got in on the action and eluded would-be tacklers for 55 yards en route to a touchdown.

Josh Cain led the defense with 14 tackles for the game.

Perrilloux picks up another OVC player of the week award – his 5th. He now has 17 passing td’s for the season and another 5 rushing td’s.

Calvin Middleton took a short pass and turned it into a 34 yard play for a touchdown.

Who’s that punting? Both Perrilloux and Marques Ivory got in on the action by punting. Both were effective in putting Peay’s back to the end zone with deep punts. Ivory’s measured 47 yards.

Jamal Young and Calvin Middleton continue to get the most carries in the running game. While JSU continues to approach 200 yards rushing in a game, it is spread out among many athletes.

We had another blocked punt, and this time it was returned for a touchdown. That made the game much closer than it should have been. While Peay sent nearly everyone on this play, we have to come up with an answer, as giving away 7 points could cost another game somewhere down the road.

One more thing to work on – the Gamecocks had 11 penalties for 126 yards.

SEMO is next…Let’s go Cocks!


  • shut down corners like heath and aj give us the luxury of selling out to stop the run. a big hole next yr though will be safety with Clark and Cain graduating. Keginald Harris has played alot, but who will fill in at the other spot?


  • Dix started out as a safety. Maybe he will move back? A 265 lb. safety!


  • Don't let the penalties against us fool you! The Ref's were some of the worst that we've had in a long time. We were getting flags thrown against us for everything and some of them were bogus, like a pass interference against TJ when all he did was slap the ball away…and then they wouldn't make the same call against AP… so that is why the penalties seem so lopsided.


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