5 Keys to the Austin Peay Game

1- Get off to a good start. Get points early. Last week, after giving up a long drive and then losing an onside kick, it took the Gamecocks a while to get going. A long drive or a quick strike to start the game will set the tone.

2- Improvement in all facets of the kicking game. Kickoff coverage is key, as you can lose momentum that was just gained.

3- Win the turnover battle. More importantly, don’t turn the ball over. Field position can make the defense even stronger, and putting their backs to the goal line puts all the pressure on them.

4- Passing game. Good pass protection and sharp passes will put JSU on the winning side of this game. Peay has had their struggles against the pass this season. Perrilloux should be able to continue achieving great numbers against the OVC.

5- Stop Peay’s running game. They have had some success and a strong running game. Shutting them down early will force them to get out of their comfort zone.

Go Cocks!

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