Handicapping the Payton

It looks like 7 players are seperating themselves from the pack to win the Payton Award. Here is how we rate them:

1. Ryan Perrilloux. QB- Jacksonville State. Ryan has the best qb rating by far- 185.3. He has accounted for 20 touchdowns and only had 2 ints. He is throwing for 252 yards per game. It should also be noted that Perrilloux has done all of this in six games.

2. Deji Karim. RB – Southern Illinois. Not on the original watchlist. This running back is averaging an incredible 7.4 yards per carry and has rushed for 1026 yards already this year.

3. Terrell Hudgins. WR – Elon. This wide reciever averages 127 receiving yards per game. His average yards per catch is 12.5 and he has 10 TDs.

4. Armanti Edwards. QB – App. State. This former Payton winner has a qb rating of 167.3 which is aided by the fact that he only has one interception this season. He averages 246 yards per game throwing and is a running threat as well averaging 5.2 yards per carry. Edwards has accounted for 16 touchdowns.

5. Dom Randolph. QB – Holy Cross. Dom averages an incredible 321 yards per game throwing the ball and has 27 TDs. However, his qb rating is only 153.3 and he has thrown 9 interceptions.

6. Pat Grace. QB- Northern Iowa. Grace has a 161.9 QB rating, has 23 touchdowns and averages 238 yards per game throwing the ball.

7. Pat Devlin. QB Delaware. 17 TDs and only one interception. He averages 237 yards per game and has a 155.4 quarterback rating.

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