Football and Basketball on Homecoming

[Chris Yow, former web editor of the Chanticleer and huge Gamecock fan, is now contributing to our Blog. Below is his first piece. You should also check Chris out on where he is a regular contributor. Thanks, Chris.]

Parades, Cocky, Southerners–football and basketball–all in one glorious Homecoming day. What an adventurous day this could be for the Jacksonville State Gamecocks.

If you are not a college student and you normally are awake before noon, get up and head to Jacksonville on Saturday morning. Make sure you have all the necessary tools handy, as well. Be sure not to forget your coat, the rain is bringing an awful cold spell with it. Also, do not forget the sun block, this is Alabama after all.

Get to Pete Matthews Colisseum about eight in the morning and catch the first action of the 2009-10 basketball season and the homecoming festivities!

James Green and his mighty force of jumping Gamecocks will be holding a scrimmage that is open to the public at 8:15 a.m. and will kick off the day for the crowd of those coming home to the friendliest campus.

Come check out Jeremy Bynum, the local hot shot point guard and see how much improved Amadou Mbodji is this year. Get your first look at the new kids, Hunstville native and Nebraska transfer Jay-R Stowbridge, junior college transfers Trenton Marshall [all world recruit] and Dominique Shellman, and 6’7″ junor transfer Sean Thurston.

Green has been laying the foundation for this team for a full year now and is ready to show off the talented bunch of basketball players.

So before Cocky struts his stuff down the street and the Southerners blow out Fight On! make sure you stop by the Pete and catch a small glimpse of the upcoming basketball season that will be getting underway in just under a month!

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