10 Things We’d Like to See On Saturday

1. A 53-3 Win. Penn State beat EIU 52-3. JSU needs to beat them by one point more.

2. A great day from Perrilloux. Football is a team game, but I want Ryan to get the Payton award. He has the best stats in FCS right now, hopefully that can continue. Memo to football fans: If you want to see the best college quarterback in America he is playing in Calhoun County tomorrow, not Starkville (Tebow) or Austin (McCoy).

3. A pick for T.J. Heath. This corner is putting together a dominant year. How about another pick or 2 to cement his all conference status.

4. 2 sacks for sackmaster Kevin Dix. But watch out Kevin, Santez Mays is eyeing the Sackmaster title.

5. A 150 yard rushing performance for at least one back. Its been somewhat of tailback by committee. It would be great to see at least one back have a breakout game. I have a hunch Drec Lindley, who has been a sideline leader for the Gamecocks, might be back. Feed the Stud. Whoever is hot-(George, Middleton, Lindley, Young) get them the ball. Memo to Gamecock fans: All of these guys are back next year, plus the redshirt will come off phenom Richard Freelon.

6. A touchdown by Brandt Thomas. Brandt Thomas is having a great year and it will be no surprise if he gets an NFL look. Wouldn’t it be great if Coach Letson gave him the ball in a goal line situation. He showed he could do it in the Spring game.

7. A breakout game by Greg Smith. Its impossible to find someone with a bad thing to say about this guy. He’s due for a 100 yard receiving game. Don’t forget about James Wilkerson, the silent assasin, though. My favorite thing about Wilkerson is he catches everything in sight, then looks to punish a db. He kind of has a fullback mentality in a wide receiver’s body.

8. More of Brooks Robinson. This guy is talented. Hopefully, JSU can find a way to get him involved.

9. 15 tackles by Zander. Alexander Henderson is a tackling machine. It would be great to see him add to his team leading tackles with another big day.

10. A loud crowd. UTM was a start. Wasn’t it great to see a packed house, a student section dressed in red (I heard at least one “Loo” chant), at least one fraternity sitting as a group and as always- the incomparable Southerners. Remember – any third down situation- urge the Gamecock D to: “GET OFF THE FIELD!”

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