Wins against the so-called Big Boys

As JSU’s athletic program continues to climb to new heights, we thought it would be interesting to see which programs have had wins against the so called Big Boys of college sports in the last season that they played. Here is a breakdown:

Softball – Tennessee (twice), Memphis, Indiana State, Ole Miss, Nebraska ;

Volleyball – Auburn, Alabama, Wake Forest ;

Basketball – Umass – technically in 2008 (08-09 season) ;

Baseball – Indiana , Georgia (ranked #1 at the time) and Georgia again.

Football – Florida State- our computer went down with one minute left in the game.

Rifle – A dominant program. Won the Ole Miss invitational last year. There were 13 teams there. I don’t have the list, but I’m sure Ole Miss would have been there. This team has countless wins over larger schools.

Tennis – No signature win over a large school, but went to the NCAA’s last year and gave FSU a tough match.

Good job JSU!

One comment

  • Golf probably has a few.Indiana State isn't much of a sports school is it?FSU game, the best team didn't win so it hard to be excited about a loss. If we could go back we would win easily.


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