Tight End Report

Following the UTM game, tight ends coach, Adam Ross, gave us an update on how the tight ends were performing and some other interesting information about the Gamecocks.

Q: Corey Freeman and Justin Howard both play a lot- is there a starter between them or is just situations?

A: Corey starts it off. He is my bruiser. He gets after it, he plays hard. He is the leader of the group. There both from the same home town, they compete every week, get along great and lead the group. [In addition to being from the same hometown and playing the same position, Howard and Freeman are roommates at JSU].

Q: Give me a run down of how Justin Howard is doing?

A: He is playing real well. He is making plays. That’s what we talk about all of the time. He makes the plays in practice, but then he has to do it where it counts on Saturday. He did that last week- scoring two touchdowns and he played good ball today so he is really developing as a complete player.

Q: Have you been satisified with the way these guys have responded to taking Eric Johns place?

A: They’ve stepped up big. I told them from the get go- its yall’s time . . .its time to get it done. And they have.

Q: How about your true freshman Denzel Cheeks?

A: Cheeks has really stepped in and done a great job. He is going to be a really good player one day. He is getting used to catching the ball and not rushing the passer all of the time. He is really developing, he is learning every day- he works hard. I’ve been real impressed with Cheeks.

Q: How is the staff keeping the Gamecocks grounded given the complete domination of our opponents?

A: Our focus is one game at a time. We go out there, play good ball, [remain] humble and take it one game at a time.

Q: What makes this team so much better than last year- we lost to Martin by a point last year- this year the game was over in the first quarter?

A: They have a look in their eyes that they want to dominate every snap, every play. Thats what their goal is– to dominate every time they go out on the field.

Q: Let me ask you about some of our new players. How is Running Back Richard Freelon doing?

A: He is doing a great job. He is one of the reasons why our defense is playing as well as they are because he really runs the ball hard [in practice]. He has a good burst and is a really good player. He is going to add a lot to our offense [next year].

Q: How about the big bookend tackles Colt Kennedy and Ricky Clemons?

A: We are looking at redshirting both of those guys. Both of those guys are going to be good players and add a lot to our football team.

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