Good News Doesn’t Sell

If Ryan Perrilloux got a parking ticket this morning, no doubt it would be national news and running on the ESPN ticker. Yet, when the guy plays 3 flawless games, not a word is said in the national media. Consider these stats over the last 3 games against teams that play in the same division as JSU: 41-58 passing for 748 yards. O interceptions. 14 touchdowns. Also, he went 14-16 against UTM. The two incompletions were catchable balls.


  • The biggest shame is he could have led this team to a national championship this year had someone had the foresight to keep our APR where it is supposed to be.


  • And to this day, no one has accepted or received the blame.


  • The NCAA is to blame for applying a one size fits all philosophy and holding FCS schools to the same standard as SEC schools who have TV contracts that allow them to spend $2 million per year on academic support for athletes. The NCAA is to blame for not considering that the reason JSU lost so many points in 2007 was because its rigorous conduct code requirements for athletes resulted in the dismissal of multiple academically eligible players. Finally, the NCAA is to blame for applying the rule in a hypocritical fashion– Indiana basketball had a lower APR than JSU football. No post-season penalty. Now that we have assessed the blame – lets give the credit to this football team that is refusing to feel sorry for itself, has a 950 APR score and is kicking anyone's behind that is fool enough to play them. Enough Said.


  • Did the NCAA forget to give JSU a copy of the APR rules when they came out? Did the football coach not see this comming YEARS ago?


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