Top Newcomers

Its been interesting to listen to Coach Crowe’s comments following practice each day. Nothing scientific, but here is a list of guys (other than the established stars) that have been consistently mentioned by Crowe or other players. These guys are not necessarily new players, just guys who will likely have much bigger roles for JSU than in previous years:

WR- Greg Smith- a great kid, great student and great player. He will do his best to ease the loss of Maurice Dupree.

WR- James Wilkerson- seems to be the likely #2 receiver to compliment Smith. It is interesting, way back in the Spring, TJ Heath was talking about how much Wilkerson had improved his game.

WR – Allen Bonner- Bonner seemed destined to go to a bigger program, but fortunately found his way to JSU Crowe has mentioned his play several times. A redshirt seems unlikely.

RB- Calvin Middleton- another highly recruited player that is making noise. He is a big bruising back.

RB- Drec Lindley- another guy that gets mentioned after almost every practice. With Middleton, Lindley and George, JSU will attack Tech with three Georgia natives.

QB- Brooks Robinson- although Ivory is the starter, Robinson has received a ton of playing time. His stats cannot be disregarded. Crowe said: “Brooks Robinson has made more improvement than any player on this team from the last time I saw him.”

TE- Justin Howard- Crowe says that Howard “is making a real move to be a playmaker. He stretches the field better than anybody we’ve ever had, almost like a running back.”

TE- Sherwin Winbush, Jr. Winbush was a late signee, but seems to have immediately caught the coaches eye. He is from an athletic family- his Dad was a player and his brother signed w/ Texas Tech. With the departure of Johns, I would be shocked if Winbush redshirted.

P, K- Patrick Tatum- it looks like he will be Mr. Everything this Fall. Thank goodness we have him.

Let us know who we’ve missed. Go Cocks!


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