• Thanks for the pics. I had to leave the scrimmage early and missed Smith's TD. I'm glad someone got a pic of it. The team looked good overall, except for a little training camp sloppiness. I'm more excited than ever about this season, playoffs or not.


  • Thanks for the photos. Where was Eric Johns? I believe 98 was Baylor Bennett, not Wadley. How did Richard Freelon look?


  • Also, what about Brandon George?


  • Enjoyed talking to you Saturday.I thought the defense looked better. I still think Robinson is going to make a good qb. One of the trainers said he was the fastest player on the team.Maybe stick him in the backfield w/Ryan. Double threat.


  • I didn't see Eric Johns. Not sure why. Also, many of the running backs had on different numbers than their roster number. I believe 48 was Drec Lindley. I think 18 was Calvin Middleton. I know Jamal Young was number 8, which is his regular number. 19 looked like Freelon, and I saw him mostly toward the end of the scrimmage. Not sure about how much action B. George might have seen.


  • Johns has left the team


  • B. George didn't have a great scrimmage. Averaged just a little over 3 yards per carry. I think Lindley and Middleton are establishing themselves as the go-to guys. Crowe said recently that they plan to redshirt Freelon. It's early yet, so that could change, but I know Crowe likes to redshirt when he's able. Freelon's talents would be wasted on the bench given our depth at RB. Might as well let him grow another year. He'll be a force next year.


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