OVC Media Guide Depth Chart

The OVC Media Guide has been published. It contains a depth chart for each team. There were numerous interesting tidbits of information:

*Georgia Tech Transfer Greg Smith is already listed as a starting wide receiver.
*Tyler Ogletree is listed as the #2 Right Tackle. Didn’t he play guard last year?
*Marques Ivory is still listed at #2 quarterback, but there is a heated battle between the talented Ivory and Brooks Robinson.
*Deonte Carter is listed as the starting tight end, but the Anniston Star reports that he may not play this fall as he is just three hours short of graduation.

*12 Starters are actually listed. While this would give JSU a huge advantage if the refs allowed it, it probably depends on formation.
*Morrell Jones is listed ahead of frequent starter Antonio Bonner at one spot.
*Eric Russell is listed as the #2 WLB despite just moving from tight end.
*Jawaan Booker is the only backup cornerback listed.
*Kevin Dix and Rodney “Big Texas” Garrott are listed as 1 and 2 respectively in a hybrid position for the Gamecocks, interesting in that neither has played a down yet for JSU.

*Andrew Oliva, a freshman from Florida, is listed as the starting kicker. Oliva has a powerful leg and was actively recruited by Arkansas.

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