JSU Defensive Depth Chart 2009 (Unofficial)

A couple of weeks ago Gamecockillustrated.com speculated on the offensive depth chart for the 2009 season. The defensive side of the equation presents an even bigger challenge. First, JSU is transitioning to a 4-3 next season. Second, it is unclear exactly what position some of these guys will be playing. In particular, on the defensive line, it is unclear in some instances who will play on the interior and who will play defensive end. Thus, we have simplified where possible. For instance, instead of listing Left Corner or Right Corner, we simply list all the cornerbacks.

There is a great deal of speculation here. We’d love to be corrected on any mistakes. Please COMMENT and let us know.


#20 AJ Davis, Jr. – Davis was injured this spring, but had a great sophomore campaign.
#15 TJ Heath, Jr. – Heath gives JSU two playmakers at the corner spot.
#2 Jawaan Booker, Jr.- Has played significantly and earned the praise of teammates
#37 Josh Skelton
Other to watch: Darren Carter, Bo Bailey.

Overall assessment: This is a strength of the team. JSU should be able to play man coverage with no problem. Davis and Heath, who started every game in 08’ must stay healthy.


#26 Carnell Clark, Sr. All-American
#13 Josh Cain, Sr. Tons of experience. Another playmaker.
#28 Keginald Harris, So. A fast, big hitter that drew significant interest from Ole Miss
#23 Jason Shaw, So. A playmaker, rumored that he may play some WR as well.
#36 Jason Horton, So. A highly recruited player, but has to battle for playing time.
# Michael Owens, Sr. Owen had 11 tackles last yr. and can’t be counted out of the mix.

Overall assessment: Broken record: This is a strength of the team. Given the APR debacle, JSU should consider a red shirt where possible for some of these guys.


92 Brandt Thomas, Sr. This guy is what Gamecock football is about. Started every game last year.
## Torrey Davis A Five Star Florida transfer. If he’s eligible, havoc will be created.
58 Michael Ellis. Could be the best interior lineman in years with experience.
94 Justin Kay, Jr. , Army Transfer suffered a concussion in the Spring, has also played OG
#56 Russell Jackson, Jr. JSU’s website says this Athens product originally signed with Miss. St.

Overall assessment: Hopefully, Davis will be eligible. JSU has some good players here, but not enough of them. We also seemed undersized, particularly compared to Ga. Tech, Alabama A&M and Tenn. State


93 Jamison Wadley, So. The So. Miss transfer entered starting lineup early in 08 and never looked back.
63 Duane Tolbert. Entering what seems like his 7th year for the Gamecocks. A special player whose absence was felt in the Martin game last year
## Texas Garrott, Texas has bounced around a few schools. Unblockable this Spring.
31 Santez Mays., Sr. Mays started several games last yr., but only 17 tackles last year..
## Kevin Dix, Jr. Carrollton football expert (and legendary “Cocky” from ’84-’85) Burt Grisham says this juco transfer is a player.
## Josh Lewis, Jr. Team MVP of his juco team.
90 Monte Lewis, R.Fr., played significantly in 08’ – 23 tackles.
91 Brett Gloyd, Jr. Should provide depth.

Others to watch: Demitrio Tyson (all name team), #98 Baylor Bennett , #61 Brandon Rogers

Overall assessment: It looks like JSU will have at least 8 guys battling for time at defensive end. Perhaps a red shirt for some of these guys makes sense. Will Texas stay eligible? Are the JUCO’s as good as advertised?


#34 Andrew Ridgeway, Sr.. Football player. Started almost every game in 08.
#54 Antonio Bonner, Jr., 6’2″, 245 lb. got plenty of playing time at the Sam linebacker position in the spring.
#3 Jared Stewart, Jr. FBS recruit. 32 tackles last yr. The converted safety will be a fast linebacker.
#48 Rylee Zalanka, R. Fr.

Others to watch: Travis Grandy, Nolan Grange, Eric Russell- an athletic tight end has moved to linebacker


#45 Alexander Henderson, Sr. NFL potential.
#43 Morrell Jones, Jr. A speedy big hitter that spent a season with FSU. 58 tackles in 08.
#40 Rod Byrd. So. Should provide depth.

Overall assessment: It would be nice to figure a way to get Henderson and Jones on the field at the same time. Depth appears to be an issue. Could Dix fill a hole here if needed?

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