JSU Offensive Depth Chart 2009


As we head into the Summer, we thought an interesting topic of discussion would be to prepare a projected depth chart for the 2009 Season. Please note- this is not based on anything JSU has provided, its just our thoughts after watching several scrimmages this Spring, looking at the returning roster and incoming recruits. In fact, we are sure that if you asked the Staff to provide a depth chart they would say that spots will be earned in summer practice.
There are some positions where JSU rotates players so freely it is hard to say what position a player exactly plays. In this instance, we just put them into one group. Our editorial comments are provided to the side. We probably have guys at the wrong position, etc. Please comment and correct us.

#11 Ryan Perrilloux, Sr. (great last year, should be a superstar this year)
#17 Brooks Robinson, R.Fr. (seemed to outplay Ivory in the scrimmages)
#11 Marques Ivory, So. (a 3* high school player, run-pass threat)
General Observation: BCS schools would love to have these 3 quarterbacks

#22 Brandon George, So. (clearly the go to guy in the Spring, not spectacular but solid);
#32 Tremayne Coger, Jr. (Crowe says fastest guy on the field, eligibility is a question)
#28 Jamal Young , Jr. (Big play potential, may be more situational)
#42 Drec Lindley (did not seem to get much work this Spring)
## Richard Freelon, Fr. (Not on campus yet, but a high profile recruit)
Others to watch: Nick Johnson, Chris Finley, Donald Prince (if healthy enough)
General Observation: Coger’s eligibility and health are huge. A good stable of running backs, but JSU may be more pass oriented this year.

#28 Calvin Middleton, So. (a 3* Recruit that has the coaches eye)
#46 Alphonso Freeney, Jr. (an underrated workhorse 169 yds last year)
# Jahron Brown, Fr. (#6 rated FB in America, health is an issue)
Others to watch: Cole Doolittle, Juan Finley
General Observations: Middleton is a hybrid. He must block well to start at fullback. Once again, a position with BCS type athletes.

# Greg Smith, Sr. (granted a transfer, but no JSU receiver matches his production)
#5 James Wilkerson, Sr. (32 catches in 8 starts last year)
#6 Jeff Cameron, Sr. (progresses every year, highly regarded by teammates)
#7 John Houston Whiddon, Sr. (very good player with career receptions against Penn St. and Georiga Tech);
#23 James Shaw, So. (a converted defensive back)
# 16 Kevyn Cameron, R.Fr. (good size, but probably a year away)
#21 Le Ray Williamson, So.
General Observations: Given the APR, it sure would be nice to redshirt either Wilkerson or Cameron if they are eligible for a redshirt. Smith is going to be great. One has to think he will be fired up to play against Georgia Tech. Another big time transfer would make this good unit great.

#10 Eric Johns, Sr. (excellent receiver- all OVC potential)
#84 Deonte Carter, Jr. (prototypical size)
#81 Justin Howard, R.Fr. (coaches love his athleticism)
#44 Corey Freeman, Jr.
General Observations: The depth here is so good that Eric Russell was moved to linebacker.

#77 Curt Porter, Jr. (prototypical size, all OVC potential)
#xx Ricky Clemons, Fr. (massive, one of the most highly recruited players for JSU)

#72 Tylor Chambers, So. (excellent freshman campaign)
#69 Tori Mobley, R.Fr. (coaches need him to step up)
# Colt Kennedy (another large incoming freshman)

#65 Matt Jones, So. (its scary how good Jones could be before he’s done)
#75 Tyler Ogletree, Jr. (battled injury last year. Gave me a high 5 before a game so I like him)
#78 Devon Hayes, So. (massive player with great potential)
#72 Justin Kay, Jr. (played right tackle and guard this spring)
#71 Taylor Chambers, So
# Mark Bounds

#64 Reggie Wade (Sr.) (A great player and a great kid).
#50 Josh Carroll (Sr.) (All Effort team)

General Comments: Depth is better but still could be an issue. JSU cannot afford injuries to Porter, Chambers, Jones or Wade. If Kennedy or Clemons can play some as true freshman that would be a tremendous boost. Some of the positions here are just guesses on our part.


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