College Sports Revenue
Auburn and Alabama make the top 10 in football revenue in the country for 2007-2008.
HERE is an article on the football revenue.
For all sports revenue, the top 10 are:
University of Texas: $120.3 million
Ohio State University: $118 million
University of Florida: $106 million
University of Michigan: $99 million
University of Wisconsin: $93.5 million
Pennsylvania State University: $91.6 million
Auburn University: $89.3 million
University of Alabama: $88.9 million
University of Tennessee: $88.7 million
Oklahoma State University: $88.6 million

You really want to know what’s amazing? Go back and look at the top 10 in sports revenue for 2005-2006. Look at the growth in just 2 years.
Ohio State — 104.7
Texas — 97.8
Virginia — 92.7
Michigan — 85.5
Florida — 82.4
Georgia — 79.2
Wisconsin — 78.9
Notre Dame — 78.2
Texas A&M — 70.9
Penn State — 70.5

Will there ever be a college FBS playoff?
I don’t think so. See THIS article. If the BCS championship game is the best option, seems like the NFL would ditch the playoff system and go to a championship game of the 2 highest ranking teams.

University of Alabama begins to deal with vacated wins…HERE
Ironic that they played FSU a couple years ago. No matter who won, (FSU did), the win was vacated.

An article HERE about scheduling nonconference games. There has been a lot of talk about this lately, but it really helps schools like JSU. “Eighteen percent of the nonconference games played by BCS conference schools were against teams from the Football Championship Subdivision, formerly known as Division I-AA. The SEC rate was 19 percent.”

GA STATE to join the Colonial Athletic Association
I thought they would make a great rival for JSU, given the geography. There are many factors when joining a conference. I don’t think geography was on the radar in this decision. CAA Football currently includes Delaware, Hofstra, James Madison, Northeastern, Towson and William and Mary, along with New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Richmond, Rhode Island and Villanova. Old Dominion begins its football program this fall and then joins CAA Football in 2011, and Georgia State will be the league’s 14th team in 2012.

HERE is a link to an article that I felt I had to include, especially because this blog had a recent comment about the hypocrisy of the NCAA. “The NCAA is a master at selective morality.” This writer, although regarding a different situation, feels the same way.

If you haven’t seen them already, JSU Fan has posted some recent pics on his website of the stadium expansion construction. See them HERE.

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