What I’m thinking

I am disappointed in the NCAA. The NCAA had every chance to show that they would give the same breaks to a small school that they do a large school. They didn’t. The NCAA had the chance to apply logic instead of sticking to “policy”. They didn’t. The NCAA could have abided by the same gag order placed on JSU. They didn’t. The NCAA could have recognized that JSU actually penalized its own football team by having a strict disciplinary policy. Instead, they added more.

The NCAA knew they would get some publicity by showing that they can punish schools that do the wrong thing. Only problem is, JSU did the right thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m really disappointed. I believe that this football team this year could be special. The NCAA will not let this happen. They take a tough stand against smaller schools with lesser budgets. Look at other incidents: FSU – major misconduct, but no penalty to the present team. Memphis – faking an SAT score to get a star basketball player in school. No problem. Oh yeah, they will “vacate” the wins. Big deal. What does that mean? Same with our neighbors over at the University of Alabama. Text book scandal. Vacate a few wins. If there is not a winner, then there can’t be a losing team. But the NCAA doesn’t want to address that. Let’s just “vacate” the wins. No forfeit. No punishment to anyone involved. But, dismiss players for drugs or disciplinary problems, and get ready to be punished. Not the players that were dismissed; let’s punish the good students that are still there.

But watch. The NCAA will end up going back and fixing this rule at some point. The one size fits all cookie cutter approach will be changed. But alas, too late for JSU. We will be the sacrificial lamb.

Okay, got all of that off my chest.

I’m disappointed as heck, but we are going to be behind this team. We will have previews and player profiles on the horizon. We had put it on hold for a while because of the APR. We are also going to continue to spotlight our other great sports teams, but it may be a little slow as there isn’t much to report in the summer time. Thanks.


  • As a player parent, I am also very disappointed. The kids taht are going to suffer were not even at JSU then. This WILL be a very special team this year. I told my son that this should make them want to win every game more than ever. We need to win the OVC and be able to say that we should be playing for the national championship! Please come support our football players this year as they work hard each and every day!Go Gamecocks!


  • Thank you for the comment. We're with you. Let's support this team. We have some great guys on the team. Thanks also for supporting our blog. Looking forward to the Tech game.


  • Hipocracy and arrogance have long been staples of the ncaa


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