NCAA wrong to uphold JSU ban

HERE is a link to an article in the Birmingham News.

As the article states:
“JSU’s biggest problem with its spring 2008 score was retention of athletes, as 13 players were asked to leave the football team for violations of team rules. Coach Jack Crowe’s crackdown on those who wouldn’t follow his rules now means that many of those who did can’t play for a national championship.

Nobody is arguing that athletes should get a free pass in the classroom, but the APR model is flawed. You can’t handcuff athletes to their desks if they decide they don’t fit in, can’t do the school work, don’t like being third-string, or get drafted by a pro league.

The argument that coaches shouldn’t recruit players who are bad apples or turn out to be poor students doesn’t hold water, either. Parents don’t know everything their kids are doing out of their sight, so how can a coach?”

How do you feel about it? Post comments here, or you can email the paper at (please put Sound Off in subject line)


  • Reasons why this ruling is ridiculous:1) JSU loses significant pts for having a strict drug testing policy;2) JSU loses pts for kids that had already graduated;3) SEC schools spend in excess of $2 million per year on academic support on athletes, to hold regional institutions like JSU to the same standard is ridiculous.4) throw out the semester where the drug issues occurred, JSU has had a passing APR for the last 5 semesters. If the APR is not supposed to be penal, why is JSU being penalized?5) why punish the kids there, for supposed transgressions by previous players.6) FSU has massive academic scandal a couple of years ago, nothing happens. JSU does the right thing and puts itself at a competitive disadvantage by dismissing starters and it faces "historic penalties";7) this system promotes putting athletes in cush degree programs and giving grades. Surely, the NCAA doesn't think the guys at big name schools that barely meet minimum SAT score all of a sudden become scholars. Give me a break.You could go on- its like the article says below all of the colleges that are in the apr gunsights are similarly situated to JSU. Indiana basketball has an 862 and gets a waiver– go figure.


  • I seriously think the University should pursue a lawsuit against the NCAA. I think they have a case. Don't get me wrong … I'm all for academic accountability. But accountability can — and should — be fairly enforced. The APR scam is anything but fair.But playoffs or not, I won't stop going to games and supporting my team. I frankly don't give a rat's patooty if I'm the only one cheering. I'll just cheer louder.


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