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College Sports RevenueAuburn and Alabama make the top 10 in football revenue in the country for 2007-2008.HERE is an article on the football revenue.For all sports revenue, the top 10 are:University of Texas: $120.3 million Ohio State University: $118 million University of Florida: $106 million University of Michigan: $99 million University of Wisconsin: $93.5 million Pennsylvania State University: $91.6 million

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What I’m thinking

I am disappointed in the NCAA. The NCAA had every chance to show that they would give the same breaks to a small school that they do a large school. They didn’t. The NCAA had the chance to apply logic instead of sticking to “policy”. They didn’t. The NCAA could have abided by the same gag order placed on JSU.

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NCAA wrong to uphold JSU ban

HERE is a link to an article in the Birmingham News. As the article states:“JSU’s biggest problem with its spring 2008 score was retention of athletes, as 13 players were asked to leave the football team for violations of team rules. Coach Jack Crowe’s crackdown on those who wouldn’t follow his rules now means that many of those who did

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