I had the pleasure of attending the JSU-Georgia baseball game in Athens last night. When I arrived, the Gamecocks were down 4-0 and UGA had the bases loaded. JSU got out of that jam and battled to make it 4-3, but left a lot of runners on base in the process. Georgia added a few more runs and going into the 8th seemed to have a comfortable lead. In the 8th inning an eruption occurred. JSU pounded UGA unmercifully. When it was finally over, the Gamecocks were 16-8 winners. It was their second win over a nationally ranked team this year.

JSU has an elite coach in Jim Case. He has fielded a team that represents JSU well on and off the field. They can match up with anyone in the Country. If you live within 25 miles of Rudy Abbott field go see this team! They have a double header with Morehead this Saturday. You’ll have a chance to see a potential, future major league pitcher in Ben Tootle as well as a team that knocks the cover off the ball. They’ll make you proud!

JSU 88


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