The first in a series of player profiles, where we will get to know our student-athletes a little better.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Cain today and asked him a few questions to share with our readers. On the football field, Josh plays Safety, and wears #13. In the classroom, he is a model student, continuously making A’s in his classes.

In looking for the right college, what led you to JSU?
There were several reasons. I wanted to look for a school where I could major in computer science, and I really liked what JSU had to offer. Looking at the computer classes that were offered, I knew I would enjoy it. Also, the size of the University is right for me, and it felt like the right fit. Faith is an important part of my life, and when I was looking at options, prayer was a big part of my decision. After much prayer, I felt led to come to JSU, and it’s been the right choice, no doubt.

What has helped you to succeed at Jacksonville State both on and off the field?
First of all, hard work and studying helps, whether you’re talking about the football team, or my classes. My faith helps me too. I have a sense of purpose here at JSU. Knowing your purpose can help with focus. I also try to be a good steward of my time.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen as to how to succeed both on and off the field?Work hard. Study. The harder you work, the better you’ll be.

Tell me one thing about college football the people don’t usually see or know about.
People would probably be surprised at how much time we spend with football. People sometimes comment about practicing, and the hours we spend on the field. What they don’t see are the meetings and the hours in the weight room. It’s a lot of time. It’s something I had to get used to.

Did you play the same position as you do now when you were in high school?
No. I went to Edgewood Academy in Wetumpka. It’s a very, very small school. I played Linebacker and Running Back in high school. I play Safety here at JSU. It was a big adjustment for me.

This will be your senior year with the football team. What highlights stand out to you?There are a lot of things that stand out to me as a Gamecock. The Tennessee Tech game was one where I got to blitz. I had a tackle for a loss in that game. The last game against Tennessee State was a highlight. It was a hard fought game; we came from behind to take the lead very late in the game. The defense had to stop them one last time. It was a great feeling to get the win in that game.

We play Georgia Tech in the first game again this year. Do you see the potential to improve the performance against Tech this year?Absolutely. There were a few key plays early in the game last year that made a difference. We could’ve easily had an interception early in the game. We have the ability to take advantage of some opportunities that we left on the table last year. I feel like we’ll play a much better game this time.

Out of the younger guys on the team, who do you think will step up this coming season that we may not know about?I’m going to say it will be Jason Horton at Safety. Jason is a hard-worker. He’s quiet, but takes care of his business. It would not surprise me to see him making some plays this year on defense. He’ll be a sophomore this season.

Who is the fastest player on the team?
Hard to say for sure, but I think it’s between Carnell Clark and A.J. Davis. Mike Owens may be right there with them.

Who is the hardest hitter on defense?I would say Carnell Clark, but Alex Henderson is right there with him.

Who was your favorite college team growing up?We moved to Wetumpka when I was 11, and that was around the time I really got interested in football. We were close to Auburn, and I followed them. I’m a JSU fan first though.

What are your plans after football?
I’m not sure right now. I’m actually graduating with a degree in computer science this semester. I’ll enroll in graduate school, and play football in the fall. I’m praying about my next steps, and doing all I can to get ready.

While at the scrimmages over the past two weeks, on third downs, I hear the coaches start yelling “Get off the field!” Does that fire the defense up?
(Laughs a little) It does. That’s our job – to get off the field. Our goal is 3 downs, and get off the field. We want to get on the sideline and let our offense get on the field. We do that, and we win games.

It was great to get to know Josh a little better. He’s really a quality student and athlete. We’re proud to have him at Jacksonville State.


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  • Great job focusing on one of the several positives on the team. Josh has been a good example for the team the entire time he has been here both on and off the field. I’ll take a team full of his kind anytime, and it would be successful. Keep the blog going, great to see the inside stories and info.


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