Gamecock Scrimmage

I went to the scrimmage today at 1 PM, and wanted to share a few random thoughts.

Ryan Perrilloux looked sharp today. He looks like he is in top form – the most sought after quarterback in the nation coming out of high school. He led the team to 3 first half touchdowns (by my count – just a practice scrimmage, so no scoreboard). Great reads, great passes. I think we’ll see the advantage of having our qb at spring practice this year.

Alphonso Freeney went down with an apparent knee injury. We hope it’s not too serious, but no official word yet.

First half – not many yards available between the tackles. Second half was different. Offensive line opened some holes and looked good.

Brandon George had a good practice.

We have some backs that can make the tackler miss. Hopefully, we’ll find ways to get them the ball in open space. Remember the name Jamal Young. I think we will see some amazing things from him before too long.

We had at least three completed passes over 40 yards. I’m going by memory, which is getting shorter these days.

Overall, it was a very encouraging day. The O-Line is working well together. Next week, I’m thinking of going back and focusing more on the defense. It’s an open scrimmage at Paul Snow Stadium at 1 PM. See you there?

JSU 86

One comment

  • did any particular player standout on defense? Teams will definitely have to respect the deep ball this year. When they do, I think drop off possibilities to Young and George have potential.


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